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He licked his dry lips and stared incredulously at his son. The feeling most intense when fighting the female and armored titan fighting harder than she thought she could to save Eren.

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But thats not true.

Attack on titan fanfiction time travel. The spears landed on the side of the beast titans face and shoulder. Hange was to focused on throwing the spears she didnt notice the debris the titan threw propelling through the air fast. Your plan is to retrieve the Founding titan from the Reiss family with your Attack titan and then give it to me as your thirteen years are almost up.

Anime Attack on Titan進撃の巨人Rated. Titan after titan fell to her blades as she carved a bloody path through Trost. Its also a reader insert so youre in the story.

At least he saved the children. M English Adventure Words. Theyd set up a hidden lab in a cave at the base of a mountain and Eren and Rivaille had begun keeping titans away.

It started in the Bahamas. But for the new ones according to this theory Erens a time traveler Not physically but consciouslymentally and hes sent to prevent extinction of humans Kinda like X-Men Days Of Future Past. Flying through the air cutting down titans.

Ive also made it as realistic as possible. The protagonist of the story is a female. Yn came from the world where titans are the enemy of human kind a younger sister to Levi and sadly discovered as a traitor to humanity.

Despite his mixed origin name he is actually half Eastern European and half German. You loyal SnK theorists have probably come across this theory. Any Attack on Titan fanfiction involving Time Travel.

He saved her life. Itd take at least three months to travel there and another three to get back but on his findings from the few days he was on the open ocean with the ship he concluded itd be durable enough to make the round trip. Such was the power of the colossal titan.

It was the memories of her life the remnants of the legacy of a vile king. But this tale is focused on a young boy to thought contrary that time travel was possible. But with Dina at his side they could damage him enough.

Young green eyed brown haired determined criticizes the idea of time travel are the only ways to describe him. Darting from foe to foe she was like the grim reaper of myth and legend but wielding two swords and wearing a scarf rather than a scythe and cloak. Prologue Earth under attack.

Harem of the Damned. The one-time that Eren and Dina accomplished demolishing his ankles he fell forwards and shattered like an icicle. Weve never seen an enemy like the Titans before.

Try as he might it wouldnt budge. His mind was completely changed one day. Jean put Daniela on the bed in the infir.

Finishing her final battle s. Read Time Travel from the story Attack On Titan by _Wolf_Squad_ Rebecca with 604 reads. Here she was in her element.

After that theyd stopped moving around like they had been doing. It takes place after the end. Time LoopTravel theory.

But ifwhen the manga reveals exactly where the Titan powers came from originally ie how Ymir Fritz got her powers I may change the opening of this chapter a little. Then drop the Garrison Regimen name for Wall Construction Squad instead. Her life as a mother.

You actually succeeded and gave them both to me. The transformation of the first titan. The fact he slowly froze himself limited not only his movements but made his titan frail as well.

Cant find an Eren Time Travel Au I read. She can save his life right now she can save him from this cruel world. Her tongue being cut out because slaves didnt need them.

Titanic Tales of Time Travelby Kalidoris. Debris flew and crushed some humans trying to flee. In fact I still have them Impossible This time his father did react shocked.

Her escape into the tree. Do you hear that Jean. When it comes to the exact mechanism that allowed Eren to travel back in time thats not as important as what hes going to do now that hes gone back in time.

Her life of servitude. This story is about the Attack on Titan Characters entering the modern world as therere so little of them out there. That day humanity came under attack.

Man youre one plucky kid. But the beast titan didnt realize Hange had already pulled the triggers the spears humming. Light blasted through his eyes searing its way past retinas and corneas snaking its way through those unfortunately place gaps in his skull and piercing a.

And there was nothing she could do to save his. News reports and live footage filled the Internet and every TV was set on a news channel. The Attack titan holder found himself seeing something the moment he touched Ymir.

He didnt travel the entire distance because the nation of Hizuru was far away. The body of the older one had flickered and disappeared-back to her own time theyd figured out half a minute later-but she had managed time travel. Starting point of this theory is the very first chapter of the.

Welcome back Carla greeted and smiled looking over her shoulder. The initial onslaught was overwhelming.

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