Best Way To Make A Pg In Nba 2k12

Rebounding is very important in 2k and this build is the best at it. Turn off auto-save and do the dribble course drill.

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Having covered all of the new tweaks to the games mechanics and the awesome NBAs Greatest mode previously the folks at 2K Sports thought it was time to unveil their bread and butter of 2K12.

Best way to make a pg in nba 2k12. If you get a gold star youll get a free attribute if you get anything other than speed quit without saving and start the process over again. Its more of a role build rather than a 1st option. Since speed points are way.

Choose the pie chart has equal DEFREB and Shooting in the larger portion and Finishing and Playmaking in smaller portion. I dont want to call it the best of all time yet because quite frankly its. Im the starting PG and avg 251 pts 46 rebs and 51 asts.

If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. Doesnt have to be based on overall just what team had a great mix of players that you loved to play for. When you move around the court Chromehounds Vet 110 Merit Ex.

08052012 NBA 2K12 has become quite possibly the best basketball game of the past decade. Videos you watch may be added to the. Set Your Potential Attribute.

I am going to create a pg but i would like to know which play style gives you the most points for making shots assists and rebounds. If its being able to post superstar caliber numbers and making a run at the record books you want then the tallest PG you can make is the easiest way to get there. MAKE SURE YOU PICK A SHOT ANIMATION YOU CAN HIT CONSISTENTLY.

Once you have them to decent numbers start investing in Inside Scoring as well then max the others out. Im usually not a big fan of such modes but I gave this one a whirl because I always wanted to be a 6-foot point guard with mad hops and skills. Add some vertical and some shoot in traffic points and youre pretty much unstoppableDont ever pull up a jump shot.

25082020 The approach in NBA 2K21 is no different to other years. Shumpert is like the plague Lin never shoots the bench is abysmal. Passing is key to this build so putting in a ball handle cap of at least 90 is a necessity for the best point guard.

My overall is 62 which doesnt matter and Im on the Spurs. You wont need to. Iwantu23 iwantu23 9 years ago 2.

Creatingpreventing extra possessions is what leads to games. I took my initial points and put them into my shooting awareness and on ball defense respectively. Athletic PG iPodKingCarter.

NBA 2K12 My Player Mode - Creation of David IpodKingCarter Feat. X626x 41stEmpireThe OriginA-Nui User Info. Sprint down the court do a move on your defender get the inside shoulder and make the layup.

I was a PG at the Knicks Carmelo had such an easy 3 point play I always used it when I needed some points. I suggest the Lakers Heat or Magic. 03092020 NBA 2K21 Best Lockdown Defender Build Lock Build Choose Your Skill.

Use this build if you want to reboundplay a little D but are ok with mostly setting screens and scoring on cutsputbacks. Youve got the ball to start every posession so your touches are never limited and you have the capability to actually call plays either to facilitate you scoring or setting other people up so you can dish assists. 27102010 Im a 3pt Specialist PG going into my 19th game.

It really depends if you have a small 60-64 SG or PG its useful and you can tell the difference. As a rookie on the Suns they built an amazing three point shooting team for my PG. Start with Athlete Playmaker and Jumpshooter but even them out with Defender at least because you need to grow a balanced player.

Thats not to say a PG needs to be evenly skilled across rebounding and passing. With the point guard being one of the primary ball-handlers on the team having a pass accuracy cap of anything below 85 would be unacceptable. Choose the pie chart has most Agility and least Strength.

02072012 Now that the NBA lockout is over and the season is scheduled to start on Christmas Day -- joy to the world King James will come -- its a perfect time to explore the My Player mode in NBA 2K12. Your only options for assists are Chandler and Amare and usually just Chandler. 10062013 Get that trait up then add points to layup and dunk.

16102015 The best way to build the player is to max out everything BUT the Rebounds tab. But they should be evenly spaced and skilled across passing if that makes sense. Create as well-rounded and as balanced a player as possible relatively to your chosen position.

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