Best Way To Treat Bv At Home

An effective way on how to treat bacterial infection is eating 4-5 cloves of garlic per day. Eliminate that embarrassing foul smell by adding a few drops of tea tree oil diluted with essential oil then mix it to a bowl of warm water.

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While there are over-the-counter tests you can take at home to distinguish between BV and a yeast infection they are simply indicators of pH.

Best way to treat bv at home. Another way is taking garlic in the form of capsules. Garlic is one of the natural remedy which is being used from the old times and it is very effective as well. 17072019 For treatment of vaginal infections boric acid comes in gelatin capsules which you insert into your vagina.

02012013 Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy 3. 24022020 Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis. To treat BV try adding a few drops to your bathwater or alternatively tea tree oil pessaries can be effective.

You should take a 500 mg tablet twice daily for one week. Many clinical trials have shown a positive effect of probiotics on vaginal microbiota. Apply garlic paste in the affected areas is another way to treat BV at home.

You can also use Flagyl Gel which is a topical treatment. 17052018 Eating yogurt is a natural way to prevent BV. Probiotics are healthy bacterial formulations that are available as capsules pills drinks and certain food products.

Yes there are options to treat vaginitis at home. Bacterial Vaginosis is treated with antibiotics medicine. Use tea tree oil to combat that awful smell Using tea tree oil is an excellent way in combating vaginal infection because it contains natural antibacterial substances.

Wash and dry your. Another good way to treat BV at home is by using probiotic yogurt. Start with an online medical visit from the comforts of your home and get a prescription for antibiotics medication sent to a pharmacy of your choice.

23042011 Treatment typically consists of oral metronidazole tablets such as Flagyl. 09012020 Single cases and episodic BV can be treated with oral medications or topical creams. You can get a prescription from our online doctors to get rid of BV fast.

This natural oil is extremely powerful against bacteria yet gentle on the body when used correctly. It is not considered transferable through sexual contact. Use this solution to cleanse the vagina twice per day for couples of day.

Another option is taking 1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar with some honey into some warm water and consume twice per day. One very effective home treatment is tea tree oil. 21052022 Garlic is available in every kitchen and it is the excellent home remedy to treat different fungal and bacterial infections.

However if youre experiencing your first ever symptoms of vaginitis start by consulting with a clinician to ensure you get an accurate diagnosis. You can chew and swallow it. In order to minimize the risk of developing BV its important to practice good vaginal hygiene and avoid douching as it harms good bacteria.

Take 2 tablespoons of vinegar into the warm water. Cigarette smoking can also increase your risk. You use one applicator of gel a day at bedtime for one week.

04052018 Apple cider vinegar is considered one of the best home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Garlic is rich in enzymes and chemicals that are toxic to bad bacteria. Here are a few ways to manage BV at home.

Use probiotics to keep your vagina healthy.

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