Best Way To Catch Azelf In Platinum

I managed to paralyze it then catch with a quick. Sonictrainer 11 years ago 2.

How To Catch Uxie Mesprit And Azelf In Pokemon Diamond Pearl And Platinum

14092011 It depends on the type of Pokemon game you have Pearl for Palkia and Diamond for DialgaIt would be best to catch Azelf with an Ultra ball.

Best way to catch azelf in platinum. Hop on a plane to Japan just to catch a little virtual creature. Even if they would return after you kill them they would still keep the IVs from when they died. Asked by Wiki User.

07042022 Step 1 Defeat Team Galactic. Wiki User Answered 2011-09. Umbreon Level 57 GastlyHaunterGengar Level 8 Duskull Level 38 NosepassProbopass Level 19 Umbreons SpDef is high enough to withstand Mesprits Swift Gastly and Duskull take no damage from it and Probopass takes VERY little damage from it.

This will happen automatically in the story after you complete the seventh Gym and raid the Galactic HeadquartersStep 2 Put a Pokmon that knows Surf in your party. Tiomasta 11 years ago 3. 24112020 But this year its much easier to collect all three.

Catch them dont kill. Get a pokemon that can cause paralyze status or sleep then use dusk balls. I have never actually caught mesperit coz i cant be bothered and i always struggle catching uxie and azelf.

Heatran is usually quite easy for me though. Be cautious about using special attacks on Azelf. The way around the.

Here are some good Pokemon in the Platinum Sinnoh PokeDex that can learn Mean Look and one with Block. You simply have to be willing enough to expend the necessary amount of. You could try a quick ball in the first 1-3 turns.

Save outside the cave and catch good ones. You will see Azelf Uxie or Mesprit depending on which lake you went to Lake Valor for Azelf Lake Acuity for Uxie and Lake Verity for Mesprit Press A in front of the Pokmon in order to talk to it and initiate a battle. Pokemon Platinum Part 37 - Catching Azelf Uxie and Mesprit.

03102020 Best Alternative to Catch Pokemon with iMyFone AnyTo Ultimately catching all the legendary Pokemon requires moving locations quite frequently and for that youd be well-advised to use location-spoofing software like iMyFone AnyTo to catch legendaries in Pokemon Platinum. 06082012 Mesprits cousins Uxie and Azelf were a piece of cake to capture. If this pokmon was encountered while fishing or.

You can catch them in their cavernsEach lake has its own cavernand after you free UxieMesprit and Azelf you will find them in there caverns at each lake. After traversing west-to-east on Route 222 youll find yourself on the Valor Lakefront. 07052010 If youre aiming to catch Giratina Azelf Uxie or Mesprit pre-National Dex then it would be wise to capture a Ralts as KirliaGallade is a good Pokmon in-game anyway and Gallade is the only one that can learn Hypnosis and False Swipe without trading with another game prior to receiving the National Dex.

It has low special defense so it is possible to accidentally beat it with just one hit. In the middle of Route 214 213 and 222 at Lake Valor Cavern. Uxie Mesprit and Azelf.

Abra and Kadabra can be found on Routes 203 Abra only and 215 Eevee is given to you by Bebe in Hearthome City and Ralts can be caught on Route 208 and Route 209 but keep in mind they might not have the nature you want or the Synchronize ability except for Umbreon Espeon and Mew which have Synchronize as their only ability. Throw Ultra or Dusk Balls to capture it afterwards. Mesprit is not available to catch until you have proceeded through the story far enough to defeat Team Galactic by defeating Cyrus and catching DialgaPalkia.

After the Distortion World events itll be full of water again. 02102020 Azelf Uxie and Mesprit are the first legendary Pokemon that Pokemon GO players can catch in the wild but as one may expect actually finding them isnt going to be an easy task. 11092011 Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum.

When Azelfs HP is down to orange bring in a weaker Pokemon and start chipping your targets HP down to red. 11012010 How to Catch Legendary Pokemon Azelf Azelf Willpower Pokemon level 50 Location. 14042009 Enter the cave on the land.

13 rows If Azelfs level is 6 or lower. 06082012 Dont attempt to capture Azelf however until youve defeated Team Galactic. Pokemon Platinum Part 37 - Catching Azelf Uxie and Mesprit - YouTube.

I caught giratina after four dusk balls caught dialga on the first turn by throwing a quick ball straight away and i caught palkia after 4 ultra balls and i then used a timer ball and i caught it. What is the best way to catch azelf in Pokemon platinum.

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