Best Way To Eq Drums

02052018 First solo your drum bus and turn all your mics all the way down. You may not need to process your snare as much as I did or you may need to do more.

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Normally these are the middle frequencies from 300 800 kHz or so.

Best way to eq drums. EQing a kick drum isnt the same as EQing a snare drum for instance so lets create a busauxiliary channel. 19012013 Then you can approach it one of two ways. Or you can use the pieces in between the kick and snare.

The kick drum is something you want to stay pretty steady throughout the mix so if you have a drummer that is inconsistent use the following compression settings. Then bring up the thump stick attack and add some air. I always try to be as subtle as possible when it comes to EQ especially for boosting.

08112018 To get the best drum mix possible and make your EQs more effective you should always start by ensuring the tracks youve got have the best phase relationships you can get out of them. In general the goal is to get all of the waveforms from each microphone moving in the same direction at the same time so they are additive rather than destructive. Even in this case you will probably only need light compression on the kick drum and possibly the snare.

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Then bring up the most important elements one at a time. This means adding a slight low-end boost to bring out the kick drum reducing some of the overall boxiness and adding presence and air in the upper-mids and high frequencies. Besides providing your snare with the body it truly deserves everything else is arbitrary.

Start with the element most important to YOUR song. You can also chop right at the drum hit then use an enveloped filter running off a quickly ramped LFO to cut off the hit that starts the sample. 09092019 The best way to mix drums is by routing each microphone to its own mixing bus.

This is usually the kick or the snare. 19092014 The way I equalize toms is by cutting out anything below 60Hz to remove the rumble. Finally make a big dip in the low-mids to remove mud and ringing tom noise.

14052015 The best way to EQ toms is to find the unflattering frequencies with your equalizer. Your best bet is pitching or slowing down the sample to your desired tempo then building your drums on top of the hits. Find the boxy and unwanted frequencies cut them out and then add low-end power and high-end punch as needed.

08092019 Use Your Ears to EQ a Snare Drum. In case you arent familiar with my work I use Steven Slate Drums 4 Platinum but this will work with any high-quality sample library.

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