Best Way To Eq Rap Vocals

30032018 If a rapper has a very percussive delivery with lots of hard consonants lower the threshold and use a slightly higher ratio say 41 to clamp down those harsh transients. 12062017 Teaching you how i EQ Vocals in a rap song.

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21052020 As mentioned a common technique is to roll off the low-frequency content of the vocals.

Best way to eq rap vocals. That roll-off typically ends somewhere within the region of 80Hz-200Hz depending on the context of the mix and the intention. The more of this area that is rolled off the lighter and less present the vocal will feel. Email me for mixing.

If an artists volume fluctuates gently up and down a lower ratio and lower threshold will smooth out the. As we said when choosing a good microphone for rap clarity of diction is key here and slow compressor attack sounds will help to achieve that. This is good for the spitting popping sounds of rap and hip hop vocals and adds articulation to a recording.

07092020 Slower attack times on the other hand will emphasize consonants.

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