Best Way To Counter Akali

Ensuring that your team has vision to the side of you as you siege an objective will give your team enough time to back away in case Yone. What Makes Akali A Great Assassin.

Yone is an assassin and should be treated the same as the likes of Leblanc Akali and Talon.

Best way to counter akali. The Hand of Noxus Top Darius is a general for the mighty army of Noxus but he didnt always have this prestigious title. Try playing riven against her and then tell me she has no counters. This will push the wave towards you and you can freeze it in front of your turret and deny her farm and.

The next best counters are roots and stuns so that she cant dash away. You can let her push the first wave harassing while she cs and only last hitting her minions. It has all the same features as the IonPlus ionizer but way more advanced.

The best way to play him is to farm up. However low ELO players are not great at this and Garen is very easy to play pick up kills. Thats her main harass combo or burst.

Top 15 LOL Best Champions That Wreck Hard 15. There are some major threats when it comes to Akali. This counter data is for Akali Mid in Plat games.

While thats true Ive left out a couple that can still mess your games up. The win percent shown is the enemy champions win rate against Akali. You can find detailed breakdowns of each matchup on CounterStats and you can also check out some Akali guides to see how to build and play against other champions you may find yourself up against.

In all seriousness though the best way to identify a champions weakness is not hearing about it but by playing that champion and experiencing it for yourself. Ultimate - Perfect Execution. 3 dashes and an invisibility ring still make for a highly entertaining and skill expressive assassin that still has no trouble jumping to you from across the lane.

You access all your alkaline water from the high tech faucet. Shell just jump you and wait for it or either have another up in 4 seconds whereas yours down for 30. You let her farm while you wait for her minions come to your turret.

One way you can reduce the chances of him doing this is by warding your flanks when youre attempting to team fight or when youre sieging a tower. If youre going to do something wait until she Qs you so she cant Q wait Q proc Q second Q proc you. Akalis level 1 is probably one of the best in the game and she will most likely be too mobile to fight and she can spam Q up to 3 times which can easily all in you if she has ignite.

Darius and his brother Draven grew up as orphans. The best option when countering Akali in the top lane will be bruisers. Submit a Counter Tip.

You can try to poke her with Q level 1 but you should never take a prolonged fight. For instance the Ionplus only has 7 plates while the UCE has 11. Her strenght is in being able to dash in and out of a fight.

Akali wants to get a lead when playing in the top lane otherwise she wont reach her power spikes in time to be a true threat. Runes and spells recommended. The first enemy or smoke cloud hit will be marked.

Picking a stealth reveal champion such as lee sin will make things much harder for akali as she will not be able to her shroud as freely. The best way to counter her is hard CC. Basically you counter Akali by deny her the possibilty to roam and get kills during laning phase.

Akali has 3 dashes 1 on her E and 2 on her ultimate. Taunts are ideal because they stop her ability casts and reveal her in her stealth shroud. Champions such as Urgot Darius and Kled are all good options to keep Akali from dominating the laning phase and ultimately outscaling her.

Her counters include Syndra Fizz Diana and Malzahar. Recasting this Akali will dash toward the marked target and deal bonus damage. Best Akali Item Build.

She is also able to stealth and become untargetable. This is probably why Garen has been the number one pick for players in iron to gold and has the highest win rate in the top lane. 1There are two ways you can play this lane out.

When relaunched Akali will move in one direction and execute all enemies hit. In teamfights if you wait for VelKoz to start his wombo combo assuming you are not the target you will pretty much have a free stationary target to beat on as he likely wont cancel his combo and will try survive it while beaming. When you think a bit about it this doesnt seem all that bad as these champions arent all that common in the meta.

It is easy to counter him with CCs and kites. If so take her to ranked and enjoy the freelo. Take akali to normals and see if she feels oppressive and unbeatable.

Submitted By WickiTheAwesome 16 The best way to counter to Mordekaiser is to lead him to isolation fight him only when you dont have minions nearby so his shield doesnt charge up properly ignite him when you all in him so he doesnt heal from his ultimate. The whole match ended up. The UCE-11 is an under counter water ionizer that is similar to the IonPlus.

The best strategy is to whine and complain about Akali on the main forums until they finally nerf her. Akali is an extremely fun champion even after the changes to her kit. Unfortunately despite giving her the benefit of the doubt she sorta found out the hard way that Annie can be a good counter to Akali.

Akali will leap in one direction to deal damage to enemies hit.

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