Best Way To Get An Eod Kill In Bf3

Just keep tossing those nades. Good luck sneaking up on someone if your dead silence.

Battlefield 3 Fastest Way To Get An Eod Bot Kill Tutorial Youtube

Follow the below steps to properly feed this to your unwelcomed friends and create a handy trap for them to fall into.

Best way to get an eod kill in bf3. You send in the bot and the enemy cant just ignore yiu because yiu will kill him FAST. This however does not stop Dima. The type of event that will trigger this rule to be tested.

So if you kill him you lose the chance to hack the item. M417 10 TUGS assist capture 20 flags. LSAT 10 kills with C4 10 knife take downs.

I equipped it on a game of Rush Wake Island. The preferred order to do this and I think most will agree is to get in a Jet at the start of the match and get a quick kill. After securing the bag Kiril opens it and discovers it was a decoy.

The community always find a way to abuse some mechanic to get an edge and that wont change. Then either parachute out or land and either hop in a Tank for a. Move forward and you will reach to 2nd and 3rd Flower Gate have 2.

05072017 Use the Underslung Grenade Launcher attachment unlocks at 11000 Assault Score and kill 20 with it. Go to the entry warp. 21102008 7 - dash throught that way the fastest you can you have only few second to get throught Update The corridor before killian room.

His team leader Vladimir is killed during the chase. The nuke then detonates in the distance at the EURONEXT building killing eighty-thousand people. You will need EoD-B2F to enter this warp place it in your inventory.

Taking this rule as an example the component parts are. But if u really need to put a hev barrel and grip on a g36 or SG and it should work fine. This is the trigger ie.

SPAS-12 20 kills with pistols 20 kills with shotguns. Say p stabbed v The underlying format of ProconRulz rules is always the same. 1 - click on the controller on the left to get 500honour 2 - clean the corridor Killian boss room.

His main cannon cant hit you if you zig zag and meanwhile your friendly tank is sending shots at him too. He continues the chase and finally catches up to the carrier. 16032012 Spawn as engineer.

Another popular beverage that helps get rid of these snails and slugs is beer specifically flat beer. I destroyed it and killed the person inside surprised that it was so easy. 18122017 You can get Multi Kills by taking out marauding tanks -- if you make sure theyre full -- or throwing grenades and explosives into overflowing bunkers.

I just drove the bot toward an approaching AmTrac and started to use the repair tool. Suicide spawn as engineer Drive EOD around and execute everybody by way of SOFLAM. 07102008 Step 1.

02062022 If the player wish to get kill with the EOD Bot the best way is to use it against camping enemy player instead using the knife deploy directly behind them that the player wont risk oversteering. How to get an EOD Bot kill in literally 1 minute or lessStop wasting hours trying to get a kill just do it my waySubscribeLike if this helped. 1 - kill killian 2 - clean the room 3 - if you kill the mob with a hammer the killian ghosts will spawn.

L86A1 20 Squad resupplies 20 kills with LMGs. Surprisingly I got it on my first try. The best time to do it is when our tank is having a shoot out with an enemy tank.

When there are many targets present aim at the desired target and then press the aimbot key and fire at discretion. Then theres the wonderful footstep problem. Try to avoid being spotted as the EOD Bot is vulnerable being found too early usually result in giving.

JNG-90 50 kills with sniper rifles win 3 rounds of conquest domination. How did you get your EOD Bot kill for the MTar21 assignment. Im curious as to how you all got yours.

Its 50 50 at this point. Grab a beer and leave it. BF3 and 4 were bunny hop central lol but I get what you mean.

Dont waste ur RPGs or SMAWs they are ment to kill tanks not ppl and blowing a whole through a wall. Just let the bot aim for you pressing your aimkey all you have to do is press fire once it has acquired a target. 03062015 Get a kill with the EOD BOT 100 kills with carbines.

If youre fast enough you can shoot four or more enemies in rapid succession for a Multi Kill although thats arguably the hardest way to make progress toward getting the Royal Order medal and the Type 38 Arisaka in Turning. The vehicle aimbot works like a charm. You have to circle around and come in a back way if there is a back way which tends to bring you face to face with the person you are trying to hack.

Dont be retarded and expect ur carbine to beat any weapon at long range beacsue first of all they are carbines and arent ment for long range combat. If the player can control its speed and movement flank the enemy. TTZ_Dipsy And BF2 my favorite classic BF title was Dolphin Dive central BF34 Bunny hopping BF15 were ADAD spam central.

From the main title screen go to the BF3 in game store and download the DLC expansions covered by Premium via the Premium tab of the BF3 in game store then close and restart BF3. After the expansions download go to the games portion of the XMB and click on each expansions bubble to install the game. As for the 15 grenade kills this can be done as any class.

When you get inside click the Tomb Stone at your right side to open the 1st Flower Gate. Deploy EOD suicide Spawn as recon Attach soflam to eod bot.

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