Best Way To Kill Ghosts In Oblivion

If she misses andor you block you are less likely to be infected. Preferably magic bow with magic arrows.

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01062019 In Oblivion you needed an enchanted or silver weapon to deal with ghosts.

Best way to kill ghosts in oblivion. As I mentioned on PSN do the Killing Field and Mazoga the Orc-related quests. Im stuck on the quest with the boat at the mouth of the panther I dont know where to find silver weapons to kill the ghosts. Midge221 13 years ago 1.

Or any other destruction magic. There are many ways to kill a ghost 1Get a silver weapon 2An enchanted weapon of any sort but make sure it has no frost. Top Voted Answer The way to kill a zombie is to use either magic or a silver or deadric weapon.

Killing Field has you escorting two wimpy unarmored kids against a horde of goblins and Mazoga will get killed at. Try not to get hit. You can kill ghosts with your bare hands You can literally punch ghosts to death.

26112016 - Conjuration is good for summoning bound weapons handy for when you need to kill a ghost or something. Weapons To Kill Ghosts. Summoned creatures arent usually very strong but make good distractions.

The silver longsword especially for when you are just at the beginning of the game is good to use. Skyrim didnt have that restriction. You can also kill her by kiting her outside and continuing to fire at her with the staff while you run backwards but since her speed is so high there is a good chance she will kill you.

Ancient Ghost 00 05D2BC. 14102006 An easier way is just to shoot your Flare power at 3 or 4 times then it dies. If you are a higher level around 15 you can take her to Fort Virtue and run all the way inside to.

The Elder Scrolls IV. I think Umbra armor is just ebony armor with some enchantments on it. Both on Target Lesser L-1.

Immune to Silence Snowball Frost Damage 10pts Damage Fatigue 9pts. Summoned armor is pretty useless as far as I can tell unless maybe youre a Sorcerer and dont want to carry actual armor in your inventory all the time. Easy way to kill ghost or wraiths.

Plus the vast majority of weapons we get have some sort of enchantment on them such that it doesnt make much sense to treat weapons without enchantments as a separate category. Ghostly Touch Frost Damage 10pts Damage Fatigue 9pts. I personally think the blades armor is sweet looking way.

Youve gotta love the fact that they added some realism with ghosts being resistant to. 3A destruction spell besides frost. Agreed u might lose a bit of health but thats it it works very well.

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