Best Way To Upgrade Uchigatana

06032013 If you want to be more of a caster there there are a couple of upgrade paths which boost damage based primarily on your MAGIC stat. It takes 13 dexterity and 18 End and you will have to beat the Vanguard Demon in the Shrine of Storms before you can reach it so youll have to be able to tackle that challenge before you can get your hands on it.

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40-50 dex is usually where you wanna head with it.

Best way to upgrade uchigatana. For my Iaito its 9 Divine at the moment and do not have the resources to get it any higher All 4 above weapons are awsome in their own way. Creating a sword consumes resources consisting of charcoal 木炭 steel 玉鋼 coolant 冷却材 and whetstone 砥石 Each smithing also requires a Request Token 依頼札. Secondly get a Sharp stone and make it a SHARP uchigatana.

Smithing allows players to create new swords. 23112020 Bladestone is what you will need to upgrade your Sharp Uchigatana but the enemies that drop it are Skeletons and they resist Slashing Damage and are weak to Blunt Damage. All of them can be obtained by fulfilling Missions or through Expeditions and the Front Lines.

Raw regrettably is useless stick with the normal path by going with 6 all the way to 10. If you wish to post videos please click the link and apply in the thread Uchigatana complete moveset. With your stats either would be fine.

Striking sword came into widespread use during the Muromachi Period 13361573. Raw Upgrades require a regular 5 weapon and to hand in the Large Ember. Head to the Catacombs first bonfire.

Higher damage output than Normal path but extremely brittle and CAN NOT be repaired. 23032022 Should the Sword Master fall off the edge simply reload the area and the Uchigatana will be where he fell. 11062012 Get you avatars Strength to 16 and Dexterity to 12 as soon as possible.

02122020 For a somewhat higher level dexterity option the Uchigatana is a fan favorite that has shown up in a number of Souls games. 18042016 The uchigatana has a couple valid ways of use. 1000 souls 10 large titanite shards.

30072019 Upgraded with regular Titanite to 10 Since only one Uchigatana is available in the first playthrough consider farming the Blacksteel Katana from the Alonne Knights in Iron Keep or the Berserker Blade from the dark spirit in Belfry Sol if trying to dual wield Katanas. Use shards to go 5 Obtain Large Ember from Depths to ascend at blacksmith. That means when you turn your uchi into a lightning uchi it no longer gets increased by dexterity.

01042022 Raw Upgrades are performed by Andre of Astora at the Undead Parish. 19102018 In addition to this the weapon upgrades can also vary so be sure to pick a weapon that fits well with your build and also one that scales to your stats. Except the 10 Uchi as it needs more work.

Actually since your dex is higher a normal upgrade to 10 might outdo quality or at least come close to matching it. But you should also consider what you plan to do with your stats later if you want to have this weapon still be just as good. If you want to make a Fire Uchigatana raise Dexterity to 14.

24112020 The Uchigatana is also a rare drop from the Black Skeletons found in the Shrine of Storms. It further increases the DEX stacking making your 40-50 dex give even more attack damage. First and foremost its a DEX weapon meaning stack dex.

Kill undead merchant from undead berg to get Uchigatana. Moon - damage scales a little with STR and DEX and medium level with MAG. Scales 64 for Dexterity to increase your AR.

You should have enough souls after beating the Taurus Demon. Using Ofuda 御札 will increase your chances of getting a. If your name is not on THIS list please do not post videos here.

This Weapon will allow you to farm them much faster so it is highly recommended that you grab it. From here you have three viable options for upgrade paths. To reach max you need.

2FireLightning upgraded do less overall damage than a 15 Uchi because of split damage. Strength Dex Intelligence. The uchigatana 打刀 lit.

Raw Reinforcement increases base damage whilst reducing stat bonuses. 1Upgrading to firelightning removes your stat scalings from your uchi. Build up your Vitality as much as possible it should be at least 14 Get to Andre and upgrade your weapon to 5.

We recommend the Sharp upgrade path for the Uchigatana which when fully upgraded has a scaling grade. Higher overall damage than crescent but more of that damage is normal damage which can be blocked by most shields and will be reduced by defense. As a lighter and thinner sword than the tachi the uchigatana became popular for battles on foot where speed was essentialFurthermore because of its lightness and the way it was worn on the users belt the uchigatana could be unsheathed and strike in one fluid motion.

I also have a 10 normal Uchi havnt got to the part on New Game yet where I can upgrade it more which eventually I want to get to 15.

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