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Cool Leadership Definition Dictionary References. | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Showed strong leadership during her first.

Dictionary Definition Of The Dictionary Word Leader And Leadership
Dictionary Definition Of The Dictionary Word Leader And Leadership from

Generalship the leadership ability of a military general type of: Define leadership by webster's dictionary, wordnet lexical database, dictionary of computing, legal dictionary, medical dictionary, dream dictionary. Showed strong leadership during her first.

A Primary Or Terminal Shoot Of A Plant.

The definition of leadership is to influence, inspire and help others become their best selves, building their skills and achieving goals along the way. Political leadership needs a particular combination of skills. You don’t have to be a ceo, manager or even a team lead to be a leader.

Below Are Several Definitions Of Leadership.

The set of characteristics that make a good leader: 2 the qualities needed in order to be a good leader a chairman with vision and leadership 3. Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common objective.

Something For Guiding Fish Into A Trap.

How to use leadership in a sentence. Position , status the relative position or standing of things or especially persons in a society n the ability to lead “he believed that leadership can be taught” types: An act or instance of leading;

1 The Action Of Leading A Group Of People Or An Organization.

Dots or hyphens (as in an index) used to lead the eye horizontally : The time when a person holds the position of leader. A person in control of a group, country, or situation:

A Related Term, ‘Charisma’ Has Been Defined By The Free Dictionary (2012) As A Rare Personal Quality Attributed To Leaders Who Arose Fervent.

He managed to maintain his leadership of the party despite heavy opposition. He played an important role in providing political leadership for the working class. The office or position of a leader;

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