How To Trade Technology In Civ 6: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Trade Technology In Civ 6: A Comprehensive Guide


In Sid Meier's Civilization VI (Civ 6), technology plays a crucial role in advancing your civilization and gaining an edge over your opponents. Trading technology is one of the key aspects of the game that can significantly impact your progress. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to effectively trade technology in Civ 6, allowing you to establish alliances, foster diplomatic relations, and ensure your civilization's success.

Understanding the Importance of Technology Trading

In Civ 6, technology is divided into different eras, each offering unique advancements that lead to various benefits. By engaging in technology trade, you can acquire technologies that your civilization hasn't researched yet, saving time and resources. Moreover, technology trade can serve as a powerful diplomatic tool, helping you build alliances with other civilizations and boosting your standing on the world stage.

Step 1: Building Diplomatic Relations

The first step to successful technology trading is to establish diplomatic relations with other civilizations. Open communication channels, exchange embassies, and engage in friendly interactions. Building trust is essential in convincing other leaders to engage in technology trade with you.

Step 2: Identifying Valuable Technologies

Before initiating any trade deals, it's vital to identify technologies that are of value to both your civilization and the one you're trading with. Focus on technologies that align with your current goals and strategy. Similarly, consider what technologies the other civilization may need based on their playstyle.

Step 3: Research Agreements

One of the most effective ways to acquire technologies is through research agreements. A research agreement is a mutual deal between two civilizations to share their scientific knowledge. This arrangement allows both parties to progress and unlock new technologies at a faster pace.

Step 4: Offering and Negotiating Technology Trades

When proposing a technology trade, be diplomatic in your approach. Understand the needs and objectives of the other civilization and offer technologies that can be beneficial to them. In return, request technologies that can propel your civilization forward.

Step 5: Establishing Alliances

Trading technology can be a powerful catalyst in forming alliances with other civilizations. By helping each other advance, you build mutual trust and respect, strengthening the bond between your empires. Alliances can bring numerous benefits, such as military support and trading advantages.

Step 6: Monitoring and Adapting

As the game progresses, continuously monitor the technologies available to trade. Keep an eye on your rivals' progress and adjust your trading strategy accordingly. Be open to new alliances and opportunities for technology exchange.


In Civilization VI, mastering the art of technology trading can significantly impact your civilization's growth and success. By building diplomatic relations, identifying valuable technologies, engaging in research agreements, and offering fair and beneficial trades, you can create a web of alliances and advance your civilization at an accelerated pace. Remember, adaptability and strategic thinking are the keys to thriving in the ever-changing world of Civ 6.


1. Can I trade technologies with rival civilizations?

Yes, you can trade technologies with rival civilizations. It is an excellent way to foster diplomatic relations and gain an advantage over your opponents.

2. Are research agreements permanent?

No, research agreements have a limited duration. Make the most of the shared knowledge during the agreement's active period.

3. Can technology trading lead to conflicts?

Sometimes, technology trading can lead to conflicts, especially if a rival civilization perceives your advancements as a threat. Be cautious and weigh the risks before engaging in trade.

4. What happens if I refuse a technology trade?

Refusing a technology trade may result in strained diplomatic relations with the other civilization. However, it is sometimes necessary to protect your strategic interests.

5. How can alliances benefit my civilization?

Alliances can offer various advantages, such as military support, shared visibility, and access to luxury resources. Building alliances is essential for a successful civilization.

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How Do Trade Routes Work In Civ 6?

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